3-10 January 2015 - 5-8pm

Central Bath, UK - Free

Eight nights of projection, performance,

installation and illumination in Bath

Blog Post

First night!

Thank you to the thousands of people that came to the first night of Illuminate 2015 in Bath. We appreciate your patience as you will have no doubt observed a bit of a slow start to the proceedings as we got each artwork up and running during the night and didn’t hit our 5pm start for all of them. Illuminate 2015 is an ambitious event on a limited budget with a small core team and a lot of good will.  I hope will bring a lot of fulfilment to the people who come and see it. It’s free because I want everybody to have the chance to experience it and features participatory and interactive artworks.

Sunday night will run more smoothly as all of the main issues with setups have been resolved. As the week goes by the intention is for several of the artworks to develop slightly, tweaking, adjusting and thus providing a bit of variety to the week’s event. As a live contemporary art event featuring brand new art works, the opportunity allows us to learn from how audiences experience the works and how to get the best results out of them in an outdoor environment.

From Sunday to next Saturday 10th January the Roman Baths will be open from free to the public to see Will Kendricks’ Only the Statues Remain from 6.30-8.30, with the rest of the artworks on from 5-8pm. If you want to take part in Lyndal Jones’  Rehearsing Catastrophe: An Ark for Somerset then contact info@illuminate2015.org for instructions, or turn up at Laura Place at 6.30.

Use the anaglyph 3D glasses provided for Leila Sujir’s Elastic City Spacey and also to see my version of Symphony of Light (there’s another version appearing later in the week). Please do return the glasses, as we only have a limited number.

So if you came last night and didn’t see everything, (or even if you did) it’s worth coming back again!

I’d like to add some big thanks to our volunteer stewards, guiding the audience for the three hours. We’d still like to get more stewards for the week, so email info@illuminate2015.org if you’d like to help out.

Please do take lots of photos and share them through social media and feel free to email them to us so that we can feature them on our gallery.

Anthony Head

Creative Director, Illuminate 2015